Look what showed up on my doorstep on Wednesday afternoon!
Finally… our new Pottery Barn Comfort sofa!
I thought you would like a little look…

Even though the rest of the room is bare right now…except for a side table (another post)… I was so excited to show you my new addition.
It’s kinda intimidating to pick out a whole sofa from a little swatch of fabric… but it turned out exactly the way I pictured it in my mind… big relief!
  The sofa is “Flax”.
It is a very relaxed sofa… foam core and down wrapped, so it is super comfy. I need to take my steamer to it. It still has the creases from being bubble wrapped.
Before anyone can use it I’m having it Scotchguarded!
Words that I am using to help mold my living room vision are  relaxed… upscale… modern traditional…neutral…comfortable.
Click HERE to visit my pinterest board “LIVING ROOM INSPIRATION”.
I am looking for a room that can stand the test of time and not look easily dated or too trendy. This furniture will need to last a long long time!
Now that the sofa is here I can concentrate on the rest of the furniture, and window treatments.
I am NOT a Black Friday shopper… so, I think today is a perfect day to hunt for wall color!  I am looking for a soft buff, creamy white or very light taupe… at least that is what I am considering now!
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  1. says

    very pretty~! You are going to love how it sits. cant wait to see the rest of your room.

    I got mine a few months ago in umm sheesh I forgot the name of the color lol.. oatmeal or natural one or the other. it sits sooooooo well.

  2. says

    OOOhhh.. how pretty.
    We are also going neutral. But because of our Chocolate Lab ( 21/2 yrs old) we went with chocolate leather. I am now looking for an oatmeal or chocolate slip cover for it.
    Luv your new couch!!!! Looking forward to the reveal of the decorated room.
    Cheers, Gee

  3. says

    Oh your sofa is gorgeous, and I love the color. Your neutral color scheme you are planning will be so much fun to work with through the years. I have really enjoyed mine. So fun, and I can just change the look completely with accessories. Hugs, Marty

  4. says

    looks wonderful! Love the fabric and colour. Choosing a sofa is so hard….we did it a few years ago and ended up with a Restoration Hardware sofa, only since Pottery Barn does not ship large furniture to Canada =(

  5. says

    Beautiful lines are your sofa and I know the color flax, a perfect neutral! Isn’t it fun to get new pieces of furniture. It sounds like you are going a whole new direction!! How fun!!I know you will find the perfect color as a backdrop for your new neutral living room!! It is fun for us to follow along!!
    I am like you, no Black Friday shopping with the masses, however I did do some early morning shopping online, so much easier, and still great deals!!
    Have a wonderful day dreaming about your new room!xo Kathysue

  6. says

    Good Afternoon Yvonne, Lovely settee. I bet your really excited to dress the settee with your lovely cushions. I have a cream settee in my sitting room, with calm neutral colours and yet my kitchen is is full of vibrant colours. I think I am at my busiest in the kitchen, so I enjoy the stimulating colours. I look forward to seeing your completed room, as I know it will be beautiful. Best Wishes Daphne

  7. Anonymous says

    Just beautiful Yvonne! About your paint color? that is exactly was I was looking for in my great room and I am please with my choose…it is Behr brand from Home Depot. It is called Cotton Knit. It is a very warm white and with the white trim you can really see that it is a different white! I choose the flat too for the walls, never went with flat before but we toured Homearoma Homes this past summer and all their walls were painted in a flat finish and a semi-gloss trim and it really made the difference….was “the look” I was overlooking! Just passing on the info, can’t wait to see what you decide on! Sharon Geers

  8. says

    I L O V E you new sofa!!!
    Your new living room decor is certain to be all those things you listed!
    I’ll be anxious to see what you decide on for a coffee table. Our living room sofas are quite similar and I haven’t found an affordable coffee table as of yet!!! NOw. . .it’s back to the Christmas Decor here On Crooked Creek. . .I’m nearing the finish line!!!

  9. says

    Lucky you, is it the kind you can change the slipcovers out on. If so I have that one and love all the combinations I can come up with just using new slipcovers, it gives the room a whole new look. I always have people saying “did you get new furniture again”

  10. says

    That is one gorgeous sofa! So is your room, for that matter. I can’t wait to see how you end up decorating it.

    I would love to have a sofa in that material, but with three cats with claws, they’d have that material shredded to pieces in no time! 😮

  11. says

    I think you have made the perfect choice and is was so worth the wait! The arms make my stomach flutter. :o) I can’t wait to see how you pull the room together. I love your new header pics too. I think I need to get the lead out and deck a few halls. Maybe that will help get me in the spirit…I’m struggling just a bit. Good luck with the paint shopping!

  12. says

    What a beautiful sofa, Yvonne! Exactly what I’m looking for to replace the old sofa in my family room, the color, the size, the design! Oh well! I’m still waiting, but I’m happy for you.

  13. says

    Oh it’s beautiful Yvonne!! I agree in the timeless look too, but some how I end up changing things any way. I love grain sacks, but am concerned about them being a fad, so I only did pillows on my sofa in the grainsacks, and kept the slipcovers on my sofa and chairs in plain linen. Your sofa will stand the test of time for sure. Mr. CH is concerned that painted furniture is a fad, so he really doesn’t like it when I paint things, but some things we inherited were pretty ugly otherwise. You have exquisite taste, and I am so looking forward to seeing your room as you pull it all together. When is the big wedding? I’m not sure I saw when it will be.

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