Of all the flowers… zinnias are the happiest! Colorful and easygoing, they love to congregate in bunches and spread their happy disposition everywhere!!!!
Don’t they make you smile!  These cheery zinnias came from my garden to brighten up my kitchen table and your day…

If you have Zinnias in your garden you can have them year after year. It is sooooo very easy to collect the seed heads and scatter them the next Spring. I always think reseeded Zinnias do so much better than transplanted ones!!!


Lots of information and ideas for the zinnia lover!

I put together a little summer vignette for my recent HOUSE TOUR
I think these colorful blooms look their best surrounded by white! So, I shopped my cupboards and found some white dishes… and a few blue and white plates… to make a little vignette.
I felt it was safe to put the bunny terrine with the zinneas because they are not a rabbit’s first choice for a snack.  I can’t imagine why!!!!  I guess the bunnies think they are too pretty to eat!
Zinnias are my favorite summer flower!!!! How about you?

Don’t forget..


begins tomorrow at 8:00 pm!

Show up and show off your creativity… any little tidbit will do!!!!

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    Looks really great with all the white around it and those colors from the Zinnias. I love mine as well though they are so much smaller, I guess I got the minis…..LOL Thanks for sharing. :-) Have a blessed day!

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    Zinnias are one of my favorites too. I have tried to grow them but without full sun I never got very many blooms. The colors are stunning! I know you are off to Haven soon and wanted to wish you safe travels…have a wonderful time!

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    Yvonne, I have always loved zinnias for a summer cutting flower!
    I remember as a child my Mother would not let us cut many flowers from the gardens…zinnias yes!
    Your vignette is beautiful!

    2013 Designer Series

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    Your zinnias are lovely! Mine have not done very well this summer I think because we have had too much rain. They usually do very well for me because it is so hot and dry but they have nearly drowned this year. Zinnias make great summer cut flowers and you have styled them beautifully!

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    Yvonne, you zinnias are gorgeous. I’m off to the plant center today to see if I can find some for a pot or two around here. Not much is blooming on these hot summer days. A bunch of colorful zinnias would brighten things up.

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    Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Hi Yvonne! Your zinnias are so vibrant and pretty!
    White daisies and sunflowers are a favorite of mine through the Summer.
    Please come by and see my Summer Inspirations post. I share photos of my Sunflower bouquets.
    Have a beautiful week,

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    Hi Yvonne! Kelly from My Soulful Home here. I want to thank you for your kind words on my B is for berries blog post AND for adding my blog to your roll. Your blog is exquisite…I am honored to be a little part of it. I hope you entered my Give Away and if so Good Luck!
    Lovely to “meet” you & again thank you very much!

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    These are lovely! I have been looking for zinnias in the market for a tablescape I’m planning, but no luck so far. I think I will have to go to farmers market to find them as cut flowers.

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    Your zinnias are beautiful! I should have planted them. My little bunnies have eaten every leaf off my hibiscus plants! That’s a first. Gorgeous colors with the beautiful table ware. I am in awe of your talents!

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    Simply stunning, dear friend!!!
    Zinnias were the first cutting flower I can remember as a child
    in my MoMa’s flower garden! She showed me how to use the seeds
    for next year’s garden. Thank you for that gentle reminder.
    Zinnia’s are difficult to grow here on this side of the Prairie,
    especially since “Pee Wee”, the resident bunny, nibbled them off
    as they were sprouting!!!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely garden zinnias with us!!!

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