White dishes are the little black dress of our cupboards… they are right for every occasion!
 I’ve had a love affair with them for years…
 I’ve discovered so many wonderful things about white dishes… here are 10 great tips that will make you love and want to use white dishes too!

1. White dishes go with EVERYTHING!  
 Every style, season, holiday, occasion, fashion and decor!
 They love to work and play with other dishes and patterns! They are the Miss Congeniality of the dish world!

2. If you buy one set of dishes… BUY WHITE!

I call my white everyday dishes “the workhorses of my kitchen”. I collected my 18 sets of Mikasa Italian Countryside over a couple of years. They still look as good as the day I bought them.

Collect one style slowly. I suggest at least 12 sets, but prefer 18. I use them in so many ways! They will become the backbone of most of your tables!

3. Only collect what you LOVE!

I have dozens of styles of white dishes. I collect what I love… and because I love them, I use them!

4. Don’t be afraid to collect small amount of patterns you love. 
I’m always on the lookout for clearance sales on white dishes. My favorite  places to find dishes are TJ Maxx, HomeGoods and Marshalls. They have gorgeous dishes, but usually don’t have large quantities… and that’s OKAY. Last week I found 5 square white dinner dishes with little ball edges. I literally skipped out of TJ Maxx hugging them!
I mix and match white dishes. So a few of one pattern or another makes a very lovely tablescape!
Notice (below) that I only have 5 white bowls in this frilly intricate pattern. But when I add another 5 white bowls in one or two other patterns, they look so charming together!
So don’t worry about collecting 8,12 or 18 of any other white dish pattern! If you find even one you love… buy it!
5. Choose white dishes with interesting rims and edges.
 To me, white dishes are all about the edges. They bring interest and life to white!
6.  Don’t overlook white cups and saucers.
 Not only are they pretty to drink from, but look wonderful stacked in a hutch or cupboard. 
They are great filled with flowers for individual centerpieces at each place settings and are perfect for sweet little nests and pumpkins. There are so many uses for white cups and saucers! White cups and saucers are my very favorite! Swoon worthy!
7. Stack… stack… stack!
 White dishes were made for stacking! No other colors make such beautiful towers! Take them off the table and use stacks of white dishes to decorate tables, coffee tables, buffets, dressers and any other surface in your home!
 8. Look for interesting white pieces.
Egg cups, pitches, creamers, sugar bowls, serving pieces, large bowls, cake stands, pedestals, vases… You can count on finding great white pieces!
9. White dishes don’t go out of style!
The are a great investment because they are a classic. 
The ironstone soup tureen below is over 30 years old and still perfectly in style!
10. Food looks best on white dishes… and so do flowers!
Food and white dishes are made for each other! Food always looks more delicious on a white background!
And what is prettier than a white vase and dishes with colorful flowers?
Do you love white dishes yet? I thought so!!!!
Now go… spend wisely and start that white dish collection! You won’t regret it!
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10 GREAT TIPS ABOUT WHITE DISHES-white dish inspiration-tons of it-stonegableblog.com


  1. says

    Great reasons to collect white dishes and is why I do the same Yvonne. I find that they are also lovely with another pattern occasionally mixed in for contrast. Often I use Wedgewood’s Old Chelsea with my white dinnerware. You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers and I hope you are doing better and on the mend.

  2. says

    Thinking of you this morning, and holding you close in my heart and prayers.

    I chose white dishes as my “everyday” dishes when we were married over 43 years ago. My choice brought on much criticism, but my reasons held true. I guess my doubters are gathering whites now. lol

  3. says

    GORGEOUS dishes and photographs… and I couldn’t agree with you more. I love our set of white dishes, and the most amazing thing is that Hubby chose them! I was showing him a French style, and he turned around and said “What about these?” I couldn’t believe it. He chose white Wedgwood Nantucket Basket.
    We use them for everyday, they are both pretty and strong, and as you pointed out, it’s so easy to change up the look with linens and decorations. I stack ’em too. :)
    EXCELLENT post… I’m your newest follower!
    ~ Lin

  4. says

    I agree – I also have white dishes, and pair them with a pretty appetizer dish for color.
    So all you really need is small colored dishes on top of the white dish to create a beautiful table.
    So many good suggestions.
    Thanks for always sharing –

  5. says

    I have a large set of white dishes, unfortunately they are the 80’s style Mikasa Classic Flair with the big calla lily on the edge and look horribly dated. They are packed away now, and I’m wondering if I’ll ever use them again. I love your collection!

  6. Linda in Virginia says

    Thanks for sharing your tips. I too love and collect white dishes. In fact, I also have 18 of the Mikasa Italian Village. It looks great with everything, I use my white dishes from casual to fancy! And I’ve been known to skip out of Homegoods with special purchases of white serving pieces. My favorite are white platters! Thanks for sharing. Love your blog and hope you are doing well with your recovery.

  7. says

    I just fell in love with white dishes as a result of an earlier post of yours. I have been married 32 years and always felt my dishes were missing something. Now I have a lovely set of white and feels complete! Of course I will be adding pieces here and there! thanks Yvonne!!

  8. says

    Great post Yvonne! I have started a white dish collection over the past few years and I love to find different textures and borders to layer…you have always inspired me to layer my dishes and mix and match. Just love how you create beautiful vignettes and tables!
    Miss Bloomers

  9. ContempoTique says

    I have come to believe the same thing in recent years. I bought an inexpensive set a long time ago, and since then have mixed and matched whites and cream together. They go with any type of table linens as well. At Thanksgiving I used a BURLAP tablecloth and a winter squash and pumpkin centerpiece. The dishes looked spectacular surrounded by antique silver and white linen napkins wrapped up in raffia. Kind of a Shabby Chic Thanksgiving. Everyone loved it.

  10. says

    Help! I LOVE white dishes but I hate the silver/gray marks caused by flatware. Pfaltzgraff cleaner works great but they come back after using a dish ONE time. Do I need new flatware, dishes? Do you use the dishwasher? Yvonne do you have this problem?

    • says

      Hi friend. Sometimes white dishes get those horrid grey marks. I do put them in a dishwasher and if the marks are bad I use Bon Ami. Just sprinkle a little on the plate and rub with a damp cloth. I have soaked my vintage white dishes in a weak Clorox solution in the sink and the marks have disappeared. Just make sure you wash the well after this treatment. Thanks so much for asking! Happy Day!

  11. says

    AMEN! I love, love, love all of my white dishes and my favorites are when I can find them in 22 or 24! Home Goods a few years ago had stacks around Thanksgiving and I got so lucky. I agree with buying 4 or 5 of something that will go with them. I have my mother’s soup toureen so it has to be 50 years old and it is still a classic lovely piece.
    I do love how you stack them on cake plates as decor items. I am going to have to give that a try.

  12. Anonymous says

    I wish now I had bought white dishes but my kitchen is all whites so I felt we needed color. But my next set will be white. I do have white(with silver edging) Noritake Ranier pattern as my good china. You might try some cream of tartar on your dishes and see if that works. I use it in my white porcelain sink when I get the grey marks from pots or flatware. I rub gently and don’t use anything scratchy on it.

  13. says

    I lovr my white set of dishes and often only buy salad plates in another pattern for mixing them up. You gave me lots of more reasons and permission to buy more white dishes. Thanks for an inspiring post.
    I know you must create your posts days or weeks ahead of time, but it is impressive knowing they are coming to us while you lay in a hospital bed. Get well soon.

  14. says

    Thanks for all your tips! I agree with you that white goes with everything.I recently posted on my blog some of my “milk glass” collection. I like how you stacked some of your dishes…the grey tones from the shadows really brings out the details in them. I think the pureness and clean look also makes you feel happy! Let us all bring our “white out”! Thanks for sharing.

  15. says

    Beautiful images and yes, nothing better than white doishes. I have two sets oNe is for 12 and the other for 8. They’re great for lots of people and buffets. Tks. Ivonne, nice tip!

  16. says

    I just absolutely LOVE your blogs! They make me HAPPY and inspire me to make my house beautiful and comfortable. I also love creamy white dishes and have two sets of them to mix and match. I love the stacking ideas as well! I love to scour TJ Maxx, Marshalls & Homegoods for beautiful dishes and serving pieces.

  17. Anonymous says

    On my way to buy white dishes with gorgeous rims. I definitely need these. Yet another addiction. Karen from Visalia

  18. says

    I am thinking of you and hoping you get HOME today!!! I have an appt. at the Dr. at 2:40, have a HORRIBLE cough and congestion. You have inspired me to fill my glass front cabinets with JUST white dishes and to look for MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your stacks are always so beautiful. Sending love, hugs and prayers my friend. XOXO

  19. says

    Love, love white dishes. When I married 21 years ago, my husband-to-be and I picked out Wedgewood-Ralph Lauren Claire dishes. We received 12 place settings and 6 additional dinner plates, plus a few additional serving pieces. My mother thought I was crazy! Now, it has been discontinued and is expensive when you can find it. I use it every day for all 3 meals and into the dishwasher it goes. I agree that the interesting rim of a white pattern makes all the difference. You can’t go wrong with white dishes. Beautiful!

  20. says

    I just thought to myself the other day. ” I should collect white dishes. They go with everything, I would never need to replace again, and I want to use them for decorating my new built in hutch when we move in a few months”. So reading this over was all I needed to know I was on the right track. Thanks. And I love your blog!! Steph

  21. says

    Oh Yvonne, what a beautiful and inspirational post. The stacks are just beautiful! I have to say, your dish displays are my go to.
    In the past , unless I found at least4 of a pattern I walked away from it. Now you are making me rethink. Gathering courage to just do!!!
    You have been on my mind sweet lady. I am praying for a speedy recovery for you.
    Hugs, Gee

  22. says

    Oh my, I just read about your hospital stay. I am going into the hospital tomorrow to have my fourth operation on my left knee. I got an MRSA infection in the knee from the first operation. They tried to salvage it with a second operation by just replacing a small portion of the replacement but that did not work and I ended up with a third operation removing the entire replacement and putting in medicated concrete spacers. For both of those surgeries it was followed with 6 weeks of IV antibiotic treatment (for a total of 12 weeks of IVs twice a day). I am hoping and praying that tomorrow when they redo the replacement that there is no more infection and that the surgery goes well and I can get back to ‘normal’. I’ve been dealing with this since June of last year so I’m ready to get back to normal. I am keeping you in my prayers and hoping that everything goes well and you are back home soon and recovering.

  23. says

    Dear friend, thank you for the perfect timing of your “Pep Talk” on White Dishes!!!
    I’ve been editing and purging my dinnerware and am getting ready to take
    the plunge for some new everyday dishes! I recently purchased some and
    took them back to the store. . .because the weren’t the look I was after!!!
    Your Ten Tips on White Dishes just made me realize why I’m having
    a difficult time in my decision. . . because I, too, love White Dishes!!!
    Thanks for the Great Tips!!!

  24. Anonymous says

    I too am adding white dishes to my collections, you sure have some pretty ones !

    Take care of YOU !! :)

  25. says

    I drool over your white dishes everytime I see them. I had service for 16, Mikasa French Countryside that I got bored with so I stored them away several years to give my son one day….then I found you and started using them again : ). I added 10 place settings of white crown dinner and salad plates, plus 12 settings of Mikasa Palatial Platinum to my collection. I love mixing all the patterns with the silver handled chargers like yours : ) : ) . I also pick up odd soup bowls and salad plates now and then. Oh, and I have a set of 10 rectanglular white plates I use on our narrow bar! Guess I am a white plate addict too! ….all because of you!!! Get well soon, Nancy

  26. says

    You have lovely dishes and quite a collection. I have white dishes, there bone china and are very white, think printer paper white. However, I think I would prefer to have cream/ivory, these softer shades of white are a more flattering background to my accent dishes with various patterns & colors.

  27. Irene says

    What a great post! Thank you so much for sharing! Your love for white dishes inspired me long time ago, I have collected quite a few pieces since then… But my favorite in your collection are the ones with cherry and leaves edges!!! I’ve been looking all over for these, can’t find them in any local stores… who is the manufacturer? maybe I can get lucky locating them somewhere online? Thank you so much, will patiently wait for your answer!

    Also keeping you in my prayers, may God heal you quickly and may you get home soon!

  28. says

    Yvonne, this is a terrific post. I’ve long been a fan of white dishes. Our everyday Wedgwood Nantucket Basket has been in our cupboard for over 30 years. I’ve added other white dishes through the years, and like you, I pick up wonderful pieces at TJ, HG, and Marshalls when I come across them. White ironstone serving pieces are fantastic workhorses too.

  29. Anonymous says

    For the marks on dishes that your silverware leaves, try using a product called Bar Keeper’s Friend. It also cleans ceramic cooktops without scratching and has a lot of other uses.

  30. Anonymous says

    I love white dishes too! My everyday dishes are Mikasa’s English Countryside and I wish I had every single piece in the collection! I still love them as much now as I did when I chose them as my my daily wedding china. They are just beautiful!
    Julia from SC

  31. says

    I just can’t seem to make my creamy Mikasa Italian Countryside or the Lenox Eternal (and Holiday) and my white dishes work together. The white ones include Noritake Crestmont and Noritake Crestwood, as well as Franconia-Krautheim Delphine. I also have tons of Winter White Corelle. Is there a secret I don’t know yet?

    • says

      Yvonne, thank you! I am late finding your response to my comment. Just this week I bought a set of Mikasa Antique White and find that I like their white shade better than some of my creamier ones. To my eye they look better with the ironstone, blue and white, and other white pieces that we have. However, I’m glad to have your encouraging words about using my different shades of white dishes together.
      Praying you will be feeling much better soon.

  32. Anonymous says

    Hi Yvonne, So glad you’re feeling better and hope your son, Chris is as well. Thanks for the tips on white dishes. I have such a passion for them. My husband says “addiction”, one of many. It’s okay. I don’t chase men or hang out in bars. LOL. I find some great white dishes when I thrift. I guess everyone else wants the bright colorful ones. I love my collection of white soup tureens and white platters. Maybe I do have an addiction. Thanks also for the tips on how to clean the silverware marks off them. Get better and keep up the great blog. I’m an avid follower. I think your blog is one of the most informative blogs, and I love the scriptures you post. Loved the one on Proverbs. Bless you and this ministry. Brenda from Kentucky

  33. says

    Great tips Yvonne!…I am getting ready to buy another set of everyday white dishes…I so love the many patterns of yours…and you are so right…never thought of how great food looks on white dishes!…
    You seemed to be on the mend and so sorry that you are not well…thinking of you and saying extra prayers Yvonne!

  34. Anonymous says

    Yvonne- What an awesome, informational & inspiring post! However, where were you 25 years ago when I registered for Corelle dishes for my wedding shower? I absolutely hate them now, but I’m waiting for my 2 daughters in college to get their own apartments and off the dishes go! Like you, I drool & swoon over white dishes and I now have the “formula” to make it all work! Add me to the list of those saying prayers for you, as there is strength in numbers & I have no doubt that you’ll be “good to go” once Spring and warmer weather (finally) arrives!

  35. says

    Great tips! I’ve always loved dishes and have tons but most of mine have patterns. I just recently discovered the wonders of white dishes and have been slowing adding more. I’m actually going to sell my blue transferware collection. I don’t have but so much room for dishes!

  36. Anonymous says

    Gorgeous photos and dishes!! I am a Blue and White girl myself…. back when I got married in ’72.. everything was green, orange and yellow, but I found some blue and white china.. had some blue and white correlle, then started collecting Yorktowne Pfaltzgraf, which I love and I mix it with cobalt and white pieces.. I love white dishes, and have started slowing gathering from my mom her old white ironstone.. i can’t pass up a white bowl, platter, etc with a beautiful rim design… Thanks for all your ideas.. My first time here, but I wish you all good things healthwise! All will be well! Take care. – Diana

  37. says

    Thanks for this great post! I like your idea of getting the 5 bowls if that’s all you can find, and putting them with 5 other white bowls… It makes it so much easier when I’m not stuck on getting 8 or 12 of something!

  38. says

    Well thanks Yvonne, now I want white dishes! I’m sure my husband will love you for this;) Your dishes are beautiful and I love the thought of them being timeless! Thanks for sharing another great post! I’m praying you get well soon and all turns out good <3

  39. says

    Oh how I love white whether its in my dishes or anywhere in my home, with so many pets i don’t get nearly enough of the white I love but dishes are a definite way I use white to make things feel fresh and clean. The counter doesnt look dirty or cluttered with a stack of white or two! I was actually looking at the ugly rubber dog crate last night and thinking that when it warms up I am going to purchase some of that spray paint for rubber/plastic and give it a nice white coating and then use some of those lovely wall decals to finish it up and make it a dog crate with style instead of something that looks like a dungeon in the corner!

  40. says

    What a gorgeous collection, Yvonne. My wedding china is white and silver, and I’ve found that it’s also very versatile. But I am beginning to appreciate white dishes more and more for their versatility and their ability to be used for every season and every occasion.

    Now, I’m wondering where/how you store all your lovely white dishes?

  41. says

    Thank you so much for this post. Have been studying white dishes for a while now. I just purchased the Mikasa American Countryside pattern. Cannot wait for them to be delivered. Was such a good price I bought two 45 piece settings.

    Love your blog & am remembering you in prayer.

  42. jill says

    Having only recently discovered your site I must tell you it is such a relief to see your pretty ideas and hear from yourself and others who share this interest. While I am blessed with lovely friends, none are as involved in decor as I am. I especially love tabletop and have collected many different sets of dishes and silverware and am always trying new combinations and settings. Thank you for your blog, it is inspiring and supportive, and nice to know of others who enjoy this also.

  43. says

    I love your collection. I’ve had Lenox Autumn for formal dining for years, but only use them once a year for my Christmas party. Too dressy. I’m looking for something that’s weightier and goes with my new dining room furniture but still has that cozy romantic feel. I think white is right. I’d love to see your table all dressed up and ready to seat guests.

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